About Us

What Are POP-UP Escape Rooms?

POP-UP Escape Rooms creates, sets up and operates escape room experiences at your events. We bring our rooms to a variety of venues, such as conventions or parties, where they are set up and run by our team.

Our team has been running pop-up events at conventions like Gencon, C2E2, Anime Central and Anime Midwest for nearly a decade. We currently attend about a dozen conventions a year. Although we are Chicago-based, we have traveled as far as Minneapolis and Louisville.

POP-UP Escape Rooms was born out of a desire to create fully immersive adventures that can be brought and shared with people at almost any location or event.

Engaging Your Imagination

Most escape rooms focus primarily on a series of puzzles that are loosely connected to a theme. But we consider our escapes rooms as interactive adventures that drop players into an immersive mystery that engage their imaginations. Cohesion among the narrative, puzzles and set is essential. Our rooms fuse elements of live action mystery, role playing, set design, narrative, music and art. Our writers and designers come from a variety of fields and interests: murder mystery parties, video games, role playing games and haunted houses. We’ve taken what we love about those experiences to create our rooms.

Exploring the Possibilities of Interactive Media

POP-UP Escape Rooms is a subsidiary of Experimental Gamer Studios which has the goal of exploring the possibilities of interactive media to make us feel, think and experience things in unique and exciting ways. Our products include video games, live action games, and more.