How It Works

How it works

Pop-Up Escape Rooms add mystery and adventure to any event minus the inconvenience. Our team transports, sets up, runs and takes everything down ourselves.

You only need to provide 3 things:

  • 20×20 feet. A physical room OR a space for us to set up our portable canopy.
  • Around 8 chairs
  • Electricity

How does it work?

  1. Fill out the estimate. You will choose the room theme, the day and the location of your event. We will contact you shortly afterwards to discuss the space for the escape room and confirm your order. Pricing Information
  2. We set things up. Our staff will arrive several hours before your event to set up the room. We transport everything ourselves. We run the room. When the event begins, we will accept up to 10 players at the start of every hour (in the case of our Dracula room, it’s 6 players every 15 minutes). In some cases, players may sign up ahead of time to reserve a spot online. Players have 55 minutes to solve the escape room, then our staff resets the room in 5 minutes for the next group.
  3. We clean up. After the event ends, we clean, pack everything up and leave. It’s that simple!