Secret Aboard Starship Astraeus

Your ragtag group of space scavengers have just stumbled upon the mother lode – a derelict Galactic Concordant Starship ripe for the taking! Scrapping it for parts alone would net you enough credits to buy a small moon! But the unusual cargo on the Astraeus has made it a target by the ruthless Urbraxian Dominion. And what you thought was a simple scavenging job has become a race for survival! Test your wits, guile and teamwork in this high tech escape room!

After warping through Xenospace, the crew of Starship Astraeus find themselves stranded in a strange and unexplored region of the galaxy. You must work as a crew and use the ship’s systems to make an incredible discovery and find a path back to Earth. But time is not on your side. A solar flare is heating up and the ship won’t hold together for long. In order to survive, do you dare trust a former foe? Make multiple choices that lead to multiple endings in this sci-fi adventure that follows “Secret Aboard Starship Astraeus” but can also be played without prior experience.

Space Requirements: 20×20 feet
Players Per Hour: 10