How do I book a Pop-Up Escape Room for my event?

Please email dave@experimentalgamer.com and include the following details:

  1. Which room theme you would like
  2. The dates of the event and the hours you wish for the escape room to be open.
  3. The address of the event.

How much does it cost?

Each of our room themes has a different set up price and an hourly rate for us to run the room (these costs do not include travel and lodging costs for our team which are dependent on your location).

How Much Space Does a Room Require?

20 x 20 feet

Do We Need to Provide Anything?

Our primary goal with POP-UP Escape Rooms is to make the experience as convenient and hassle-free on your end as possible. We require only three things from you to run the Pop-Up Escape Room.

  1. A physical room OR space for our portable canopy rooms
  2. 3 to 5 tables and 3 to 10 chairs
  3. Electricity

What Areas Do You Serve?

We are located in Chicago but run events as far as Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Louisville.  Events outside of Chicago will incur a higher travel and lodging cost for our team.

What locations are suitable for a POP-UP Escape Room?

A POP-UP Escape Room can be set up in an indoor room you provide, or we can bring our own portable canopy rooms to set up in an adequate indoor or outdoor space.

What if we don’t have a spare room for a POP-UP Escape Room?

We can bring our own room! We use portable canopies that can be easily set up to create rooms.

Do provided rooms have to be empty?

No. We typically set up in classrooms, offices, and other rooms that may have permanent fixtures or equipment difficult to move. As long as we can distinguish to the players which parts of the room are part of the escape room experience, then it’s not an issue. One of our employees is always present in a room during play to ensure safety to the players and the property.

Setting Up a POP-UP Escape Room

How Long Does It Take to Set Up a POP-UP Escape Room?

This depends on the room theme

How Long Does It Take to Remove The POP-UP Escape Room?

It takes approximately 2 to 3 hours for our team to take down, pack up, and clean the POP-UP Escape Room. Since making the experience hassle-free is our priority, we take care to leave the space exactly as we found it. Other than the unforgettable memories, there will be no evidence we were ever there!

Is There Any Risk of Damage to a Room?

It’s unlikely. If it’s a room you’d allow people to eat lunch in, then it’s suitable for a POP-UP escape room. One of our employees is always present during play to ensure safety to the players and the property.

What kind of Props Do Rooms Use?

All POP-UP Escape Rooms use various lights and audio equipment. Other props depend on the theme. For example, “DETENTION” is set in a classroom and its props include a locker, books, blackboard, backpacks, a fish tank and many other miscellaneous items used for both decoration and as integral clues needed to solve the room.

Questions About Gameplay

What Exactly Happens in a POP-UP Escape Room?

Each of our POP-UP Escape Room’s begin with a story or premise that explains who the players are meant to be and why they have come to the room. For example, in our DETENTION room, the players are high school students who are sent to a classroom for after school detention.

Once inside the room, players will learn of a challenge or goal that must be overcome before they leave the room. In “DETENTION,” the “students” soon learn that the classroom is controlled by a malevolent ghost who will not allow them to leave until they break its curse within a time limit.

Solving this challenge involves searching for clues, gathering information, and solving puzzles and riddles. All of the necessary information is found on the props and decorations within the room. Sometimes players may discover a direct clue, like a key within a fish tank. But often players will find information that is not useful until other information gives it context. For example, a paper containing a hidden message that can only be read when placed near a blacklight.

Ultimately, players work together to solve the mystery within the time limit or they fail. In some cases, the escape room may have multiple endings that depend on the actions taken by the players.

Are Players Really Trapped Inside the POP-UP Escape Room?

No. They only pretend the room is locked until they solve the room or run out of time. If players need to leave for an emergency or use the bathroom they are free to do so.

How Are the Games Organized?

At least one of our staff is present to organize groups for the escape room. A new game starts every hour and interested players can sign up ahead of time on a form outside the room, or online using our event registration system.

How Long is a Game?

About 55 minutes including briefing, debriefing and playtime.

How Many People Can Play?

Up to 10 players per one-hour game session.

Is Someone Present in the Room?

Yes. We always have at least one of our staff present to operate the room and ensure the safety of the players and property.

Still more questions?

Didn’t find the A to your Q? Please email dave@experimentalgamer.com and ask directly!