Room Themes

The Last Masquerade

The Red Death has infiltrated Prince Prospero’s masquerade ball. Can you escape the deadly plague by finding the masks of those who died tragically, learning the stories and finishing a secret ritual?

Detention: Escape from the Cursed High School

You and your classmates are sentenced to detention! But things go from bad to MUCH worse when you find yourself trapped in the haunted classroom by a tortured spirit. You have one way out: Solve the riddles within 45 minutes to free the ghost from its curse, or remain in detention for eternity!

Secret Aboard Starship Astraeus

Your ragtag group of space scavengers have just stumbled upon the mother lode – a derelict Galactic Concordant Starship ripe for the taking! Scrapping it for parts alone would net you enough credits to buy a small moon! But the unusual cargo on the Astraeus has made it a target by the ruthless Urbraxian Dominion.

Cabin of the Cackling Man

While lost in the woods, you find an old cabin. Inside, a corpse clutches a game controller. Can you solve the mystery behind a cursed video game and an occult ritual before the Cackling Man arrives?

Keep Krampus Out!

Twas the night before Christmas but Santa has been Claus-napped! Can you solve the puzzles, discover the secrets and open the presents to defeat Krampus and save Christmas in this holiday escape room?